01 Oct 2000

Roll On Summer

Roll On Summer

Letter from Paul Kelly, October 2000


I was intending to make an album for release this year but a couple of film projects got in the way – one, a soundtrack, and the other, an acting job with music. Both involved writing songs as well as score. I’ll tell you more about them next year around the time of their release. Also Christine Anu, Kate Ceberano and Renee Geyer were looking for songs and who wants to say no to writing for those voices? So it’s taken me a while to squirrel away enough songs for myself. I had some songs, though, that were starting to get old which is why I decided to make an EP. You’re So Fine was recorded in my shed fooling around on guitar and keyboards with Peter Luscombe adding mutant New Orleans drums and a Chaka Demus and Pliers inspired drum machine. Most of the lyrics are borrowed. Kirsty Stegwazi is the featured vocalist on Roll On Summer which also began in the shed. We nicked the groove from Dr. Dre and Tupac’s classic California Love. Steve Hadley added a bass guitar and Graham Lee took it somewhere else on the pedal steel.

I Was Hoping You’d Say That is an eight year old song that I finally got around to cutting in a proper studio. Bruce Haymes played the piano which wouldn’t fit in the shed.

The increasing homogeneity of certain sections of western European cities was the initial inspiration for Every Fucking City. Add to this the idea that when we travel we carry more baggage with us than just bags. I’ve included this live version from the Continental last year because to me the audience is like a third instrument along with the vocal and guitar. The tune’s a sort of cross between Kris Kristofferson and Leonard Cohen.

Earlier this year while on tour together Kasey Chambers and I recorded two duets in a Perth studio. She wrote one and I wrote the other. I Still Pray is her new single backed with Heartbreak Heartmend and both songs, one holy and one sinful, are included as bonus tracks on the re-release of her debut album,The Captain.

I’ll be touring in November under my own name with Professor Ratbaggy as support (except Tasmania). JJJ have been playing cuts from Professor Ratbaggy all year and the Wicked Beat remix of Coma keeps turning up all over the place. The November shows should be a real brew so get there early for the full experience including changes of shirts.

Roll on Summer. 



Roll On Summer EP. Available from October 16th on EMI Records.