13 Apr 2013

Mistress Mine

Mistress Mine

'The Card Players' by Paul Cezanne c. 1892-5



From Paul's Facebook page –


When a man is tired of London he is tired of life.” – Samuel Johnson

As usual here I’ve been a walking, tramping, traipsing, perambulating, ambling, rambling fool. Stopped in my peregrinations to visit my old friends Jan Van Hogspeuw and Dirk Dogstoerd* hanging on the wall at The Courtauld Institute of Art

* The Card-Players 
Jan van Hogspeuw staggers to the door 
And pisses at the dark. Outside, the rain 
Courses in cart-ruts down the deep mud lane. 
Inside, Dirk Dogstoerd pours himself some more, 
And holds a cinder to his clay with tongs, 
Belching out smoke. Old Prijck snores with the gale, 
His skull face firelit; someone behind drinks ale, 
And opens mussels, and croaks scraps of songs 
Towards the ham-hung rafters about love. 
Dirk deals the cards. Wet century-wide trees 
Clash in surrounding starlessness above 
This lamplit cave, where Jan turns back and farts, 
Gobs at the grate, and hits the queen of hearts.

Rain, wind and fire! The secret, bestial peace!

– Philip Larkin, 1970

Dan and I played to a rambunctious crowd last night at the beautiful old Cadogan Hall. Sang “Mistress Mine”, the hidden track from Spring and Fall, for the first time ever in public. Lyrics by Will Shakespeare. Messed them up so hope to do better by the Bard next time. Today we drive to Glasgow. Dan’s looking for good vegie food, I’m looking for good coffee. Any tips? PK