10 Dec 2012

Love And Affection

Love And Affection

From Paul's Facebook page


I'm sorry to say we won't have vinyl of Spring and Fall available before Christmas. There is a good reason, though. Some of you who read the album credits will know that we used a painting on the front cover by an unknown (to us) artist. After searching worldwide for our mystery painter we have found her in our own backyard.


Catharina Luczyk works as a hairdresser in Moonee Ponds (Melbourne) and paints in her spare time, sometimes, she says, while listening to my songs. I visited her a couple of weeks ago and discovered that her painting is a triptych. When I saw it on the wall in her bedroom I felt a thump in my chest. The name of the triptych is Miwosh-ch, Polish for Love and Affection, and Catharina has given us permission to use it in the next print run of the CD and as a gatefold for the vinyl. This has caused a delay but I believe it's worth it in the long run. If you order the vinyl through the website you'll get a download of the album for free immediately, with the record to follow by Jan 11. 

Catharina came over yesterday with her friend Danielle who helped us find her by posting on this page recently. (Thanks, Danielle!) They brought a bottle of Polish vodka and the triptych which is now hanging proudly in my bedroom. Their fellas came too and took turns with the tongs on the BBQ. There's not a lot of vodka left this morning.

Catharina wants to become a full time painter soon and I hope she does. PK