02 Dec 2004



“Gunnamatta” is the latest feel-good-summer song from Paul Kelly’s most recent album ‘Ways and Means’ that has been serviced to radio. The accompanying clip is a fitting tribute to old surf movies and, of course, Gunnamatta, which is a place very close to Paul Kelly’s heart.


Renowned surf movie director Jack McCoy was the obvious choice to work on this project. “When I was first approached about The Boon Companions song "Gunnamatta" and the music clip, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The brief was that they wanted old surf movie type footage to go with the music. As soon as I heard the song I thought of Tubular Swells.”


“The music was current, but had that old 70's surf guitar feel for me. Tubular Swells was a very special film for me because it was the first surfing film I'd ever made. That was 1975 and the film was released late in 1976 on the traditional surfing film tour up and down the coast playing in theatres, halls and funky community centres. As I kept going through the film and playing the song in the background, it became obvious that a sequence using the Pipeline footage was working the best for me.”


“The footage was taken by Dick Hoole and myself from a 10 day swell that started the day after Christmas in 1975 and just kept pumping into the new year. Every day was really really good. The footage in the clip features "The Men" at the Pipe at the time. A couple of shots each. I slowed each shot down to the speed of the song just like they used to do in the old surf films. I'd used one of Pauls songs in an earlier film ‘Surf Hits’. I'd also met him once in Hollywood, not that he'd remember me, but it was a real honour to reconnect and to be able to do this clip for the song Gunnamatta.”


“As soon as he and the band saw it they were Stoked! Hope you get the same feeling.” Aloha Jack


Paul Kelly: “Gunnamatta is one of my favourite Victorian surf beaches and was a no-brainer for the title of the first tune co-written by the team of Kelly, Kelly, Luscombe, Luscombe and McDonald now known as the Boon Companions. Having written music for the film Tom White and the TV series Fireflies as well as a number of songs for Ways and Means the Boonies are primed to make their debut album next year.”


“Wishing you all a safe and happy summer season. Remember, swim between the flags." 

Paul Kelly