21 Oct 2013

Goin’ Your Way

Goin’ Your Way

On Friday 8 November, Paul Kelly & Neil Finn will release 'Goin' Your Way', a live DVD, blu-ray and double CD of their show recorded at the Sydney Opera House earlier this year.


For all the release details and pre-orders head to www.goinyourway.com.au


International fans – please note the DVD will be coded Region 0 so it will viewable worldwide.



The full tracklist for both CDs and the DVD is as follows:



1. Don’t Stand So Close To The Window
2. Four Seasons In One Day
3. Before Too Long
4. She Will Have Her Way
5. Not The Girl You Think You Are
6. For The Ages
7. Sinner
8. Won’t Give In
9. Careless
10. Leaps And Bounds
11. Only Talking Sense
12. New Found Year
13. Into Temptation
14. You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
15. Private Universe


16. Dumb Things
17. One Step Ahead
18. Deeper Water
19. Better Be Home Soon
20. How To Make Gravy
21. Distant Sun
22. Winter Coat
23. Fall At Your Feet
24. To Her Door
25. Don’t Dream It’s Over
26. Message To My Girl
27. Love Is The Law
28. Words Of Love
29. Moon River



1. Introduction
2. Before Too Long
3. She Will Have Her Way
4. For The Ages
5. Not The Girl You Think You Are
6. Sinner
7. Careless
8. Leaps And Bounds
9. Won't Give In
10. Into Temptation
11. You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
12. Private Universe
13. One Step Ahead
14. Dumb Things
15. Deeper Water
16. Better Be Home Soon
17. How To Make Gravy
18. Distant Sun
19. Winter Coat
20. Fall At Your Feet
21. Love Is The Law
22. Message To My Girl
23. To Her Door
24. Don't Dream It's Over
25. Moon River
26. Words Of Love