06 Jun 2008

DVD Review: Live Apples

DVD Review: Live Apples

by Dan Lander, Rolling Stone Australia

Packaged in a beautifully illustrated book-like format with a bonus  live-CD, this collection should be a lesson to the music industry on how to ensure people buy – rather than illegally download – your product.  

The DVD features Kelly live at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba in late  2007, performing his entire new album Stolen Apples, start to finish, followed by a stunning, shambolic run through sixteen of his career favourites.  The performance is breathtaking, the Bard proudly leading his phenomenal band through the old and the new (which is every bit the equal of the classics).

Sound quality is excellent (the Stolen Apples tunes sound very nearly as good as the original studio recordings), and while there is little in the way of onstage theatrics, Kelly's steely glaze is ominously engaging, and his band's presence perfectly understated, making this another mature, classy release from Kelly.