16 Jul 2010

Dan’s Dream, Paul’s Book & Fire

Dan’s Dream, Paul’s Book & Fire

Hi all,


Dan Kelly's new record Dan Kelly's Dream is just about to drop.

It's been on high rotation at our house. My daughters Maddy and Memphis (Dan's cousins) sing on four or five songs as Dan takes us on a melodic and sonic spree – from the bottom of the sea to the polar ice caps, via alien cities and other strange spaces in the galaxy of his brain.


I highly recommend it though I might be biased. Out on Shock records from July 16. And you can get it direct by going to http://dankelly.com.au/shop


Other news. The book I've been working on for two years is finally out of my hands and off to the printer. A kind of mongrel memoir. Penguin will publish it at the end of September accompanied by a CD box set of live recordings from the A-Z shows.


In the lead up to the release and subsequent new online store, we're having a fire sale of past and present merchandise which includes a range of Albums from $10, t-shirts priced from $15 and much more. The Greatest Hits CD & DVD is there too.


Click HERE for a look.


And I hope you're all keeping warm wherever you are.